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After years of retreating, hunger is spreading once more.

In Yemen, Syria and elsewhere, the numbers affected are cataclysmic.
Conflict, climate change and misgovernment are combining to lethal effect. Despite record funding, WFP’s 16,000 employees and its resources were stretched to breaking point.

WFP beneficiaries

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Proportion of WFP resources allocated to conflict environments

WFP chartered food trucks on the road every day

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Work as hard as we might, through drought and floods, conflict and peace, disasters natural or man-made, the needs are immense and growing. Never has the world seen so many refugees and displaced people, nor such food deprivation in absolute terms.


Hungry people around the world

Latest available figure from 2016


People who are acutely hungry

Latest available figure from 2016


Hungry people living in countries at war

Hungry people as a proportion of the global population

Proportion of hungry people living in countries at war

Proportion of deaths linked to poor diets and malnutrition among children under five