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The goodwill of government partners ensured record funding of US$7.2 billion in 2018, but the needs continue to grow. Donor contributions were largely channelled into our highest-level, conflict-driven hunger crises, leaving less to address lower-profile emergencies. Flexible funding, while modest in relative terms, allows WFP to direct funds to programmes threatened by budget shortfalls and bridge the gap for operations under threat.

  • 7.2

    US$ billion

    contributions received

  • 2.8

    US$ billion

    overall WFP funding gap

  • 420

    US$ million

    received in multilateral funding (up 10% from 2017)

WFP assistance is funded by voluntary contributions from governments, private sector organizations and individual donors. WFP’s top 10 government donors (excluding UN pooled funds) in 2018 were:

1 USA 2,539,816,503
2 European Commission 1,111,678,862
3 Germany 849,114,043
4 United Kingdom 617,124,851
5 Saudi Arabia 247,907,959
6 United Arab Emirates 226,215,581
7 Canada 218,393,483
8 Sweden 145,368,421
9 Japan 130,001,824
10 Norway 89,996,849

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