The year 2016 saw great achievements, but also intense strain – on our hearts and on our finances. Our compassion is boundless: in many parts of the globe, it powered us through heart-breaking crises. But our budgets, unfortunately, are limited. Matching our funding to our vision remains our long-term objective.

Even so, we received almost US$6 billion last year – an all-time record. It is a humbling amount. It speaks to the international community’s unshakeable faith in WFP and its continued dedication to helping those in need. So if you are a donor – government, corporation, foundation or individual – I thank you.

If you represent one of the nations we operate in, I also thank you. You worked with us to keep your citizens fed and hopeful, often in the face of overwhelming odds.

Finally, if you are a member of the public, our journey is your journey. Thank you for sharing our commitment to achieving Zero Hunger by 2030.

Click and scroll through to see how in 2016, we continued to assist millions amid conflict, disasters and migration-related crises. How we worked at the grassroots to change lives. And how, through it all, we delivered value for the generous contributions we received.

David Beasley

Executive Director - World Food Programme